About me

Hi, I'm Alex.

Since childhood, I have dreamed of sharing ideas with other people. A vast number of ideas were born in my head all the time. The good, great, genius, useless, evil, and even disgusting ideas, but there were many of them.

In the early 90s, during the period of active development of the Internet, I dreamed of creating my blog. It was the time when every second person considered himself an IT specialist and tried to make their websites. Nobody thought about what it would be and why, but it just had to be. I also had the idea to create something of my resource in this new world - the Internet. But my family did not appreciate my desire to share ideas with others: "You work as an IT, you are earning good money! What site do you want to build? What kind of blog? Do you have a lot of spare time? Let's find a second job and make more money!" It was the beginning of the 90s; no one knew the word "blog," and there was no such thing as "blogging." And of course, nobody thought that "blogging" can generate income.

Time passed... I became more mature... And I began to appreciate every moment of my life ... well, almost everyone)) And I started to understand that money is money, food is food, we are all living in the material world. But we all also contact the spiritual world cause we all have our souls. Even if you are not a religious person, sometimes you do something that you love, not that you need. If you have a passion, a passion for making something just for yourself, even if you do not really need it, believe me, you are making it for your soul.

People call this occupation - hobby, and this process - creating. I think we understand such words as hobbies, creating, and art, but not everybody makes sense that these words for the soul, not the body. I know, materialists will run up and say: "If only to create, who will work ... I need money; I want to eat; I need to feed my family ..."

Hey, hey, wait! Who told you that other people would not appreciate your creation. The goods massively produced in China have value in this world, and what is created with a soul by one person does not have it? Who fooled you like that? Was it the System probably?

Wake up! For the System, you need as an obedient worker only, not as a creator! I do not inspire you to quit your job; you have to work and feed your family; believe me, they deserve it. But remember about the soul, take care of it either. As soon as you realize and sincerely understand how important it is to take care of your soul, your life will change, literally instantly!

As soon as you start creating for your soul, you will notice that your arts (I consciously do not call your results a product) will have an extra ordinary influence on loved ones, friends, and even strangers. Be sure that they will appreciate you. Whatever it is, a handmade material art or a custom-made service, if you made it for your soul, any person will buy it because everyone will feel this unique "soulful scent."

Unfortunately, not every one of us can understand how to satisfy their soul right away. How to find something that makes your soul fly and fills with happiness every new day? I know one easy method of how to find out what your soul might want. On this page, I tried to describe this method briefly. In the end, when you discover out about what do your soul needs, you'll start to cry. And it will cry your soul because you finally remembered about her.

It's high time for me to remember my soul and my dream to share my crazy ideas with others. By creating this resource, I think only about helping others find their hobby. I try to fill the resource with ideas for activities, one or more of which can bring happiness to you and your soul, fulfilling your life's voids.

It may happen that when you found a good idea, you will have to obtain the minimum essential knowledge for its implementation. Therefore, to the best of my ability, I'll look for some training, courses, guides, and other resources to help you. I'll make a review of them and then publish them for you on this resource.

I sincerely wish you to wake up, fill your life with absolute happiness, and live in harmony with your soul and the world around you!