In June 1994, Jim Morgan was unemployed with two children. Although he was not an expert in woodworking, he always enjoyed doing small wooden crafts. It was his little hobby. He had to do something for his family. Having bought a set of standard woodworking tools from a store, he started a woodworking business. Can you imagine? That his office and workshop were located in a 10 * 20 feet closet.

So, Jim Morgan

  • Not being an expert in woodworking;
  • Not even having a garage to work, but only the small corner;
  • Not having even basic knowledge how to run real business;

turned his hobby into a real profitable woodworking business. Just imagine, Jim is living from that woodworking for more than 25 years. Twenty-five years of practical experience in wood processing!

Jim Morgan is working on his small closet doing his woodworking business.
His next small woodworking shop in the garage.

Jim Morgan now makes about $150k a year. He spends no more than 20 hours a week on the business. His wife begged him to create a guide that will help thousands of people like him start their own woodworking business and avoid the same costly and painful mistakes that he made.
He called his course the "Business In A Box" home system, as it has all the information he needs to build a successful business, tools, and plans!

By subscribing to the course, you will receive:

  • Step by step instructions, hundreds of pages no fluff, how to start a successful home modern woodworking business;
  • Individual email coaching by if you have any questions;
  • You can download textbook and MP3 audio, which you can listen to anywhere and anytime;
  • Also a bonus: over 500+ plans for the best-margin and best-selling products. You can choose the one that works best for you! You will never run out of wood working art ideas.
  • If, within 60 days, for whatever reason, you realize that woodworking is not yours. Or if you decide to leave the idea to turn a hobby into a real success business, Jim Morgan guarantees you a 100% money back with no questions.

The course structure is that you will first gain practical knowledge of how to begin a woodworking business, then how to find grateful buyers and present them your wooden arts and crafts and, in the end, how to take your business to a NEW LEVEL.

At first, you:

  • learn step by step how to start a woodworking business for under $1000;
  • learn how to buy only the necessary tools and materials with great discounts;
  • learn "little-known" marketing methods;
  • find out the list of the most profitable niches in the woodworking business, and also learn how to find a unique highly profitable niche just for you;
  • learn how to attract customers so that your business becomes genuinely valuable for them; also how to get excellent and honest customer reviews;
  • if you are already in business, get advice on how to increase its profitability dramatically;
The book with 500+ wood crafts and furniture plans.
This product has the Home Business Reviews Gold Award.

Then you:

  • learn how to present your product on the Internet correctly;
  • get complete information on how to launch your store without tech knowledge of creating a website;
  • get total details about online marketplaces that many of you have not even heard of;
  • get examples of real-life cases with a profit of 4-5 figures every month;
  • get woodworking project ideas of highly profitable niches in the industry at the moment (information is updated continuously);

Once you are comfortable with the woodworking business, you will receive information that will raise your business to the next level. You will learn:

  • how to transfer part of the work to the contractor correctly and without loss of quality;
  • how to get perfect prices from suppliers;
  • get professional advice on licensing and taxes;
  • and also what you need to do to get commercial contracts for your products, which will take your business to the highest level;
Wood Profits by Jim Morgan
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